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"I"(The Client) understand, acknowledge and authorize the following terms and conditions: 

  • I request that you carry out the work as soon as practical to you.

  • I authorize you to do any other work and supply and install any parts necessary to complete the work at your current rates for supply of labor and parts(the "Work").

  • You can drive the vehicle for the purposes of collecting it from and delivering it to me, for any testing, or any other purpose whether or not connected with the work.

  • If your workmanship is faulty,you will be required to rectify the faulty workmanship. You will not be responsible for any other claim,loss or damage relating to the vehicle or relating to the work or your driving of the vehicle. If any part that you supply is faulty, you will only be required to replace the part with a part that is not faulty.

  • If the vehicle is not collected, or for any reason the vehicle is in your possesion for over two days after you have told me that the vehicle is ready for collection, I will pay you reasonable costs for storage.

  • I will pay you for the work before I collect the vehicle. On request I will pay you for the work even though you or I may be entitled to ask someone else to pay for the work. You may keep the vehicle in your possession until the work has been paid for. After you have been paid for the work, no claim will be made against you in relation to the work. I accept the above, which is subject to any part part of the trade practices act 1974, or the goods act 1958 that cannot be excluded.

  • Any goods being left with weltmeister are subject to the disposal of uncollected goods act 1961 and that act allows weltmeister to sell any uncollected vehicle after 1 month of an owner being notified that it is ready for redelivery

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