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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Peace of Mind

Buying a Porsche should be simple, fun and stress-free. Weltmeister provides one of the most comprehensive  PPI service; carried out by experienced specialists with detail reports, so that you can make a sound, well-informed decision before driving home in the Porsche of your dream. 

Optional extras are available upon request:

  • Engine Compression Test 

  • Engine Leak Test

  • Over-Rev Report

  • Borescope Inspection


In-Depth Inspection

It starts with our full in-depth inspection, and then our technicians tailor each inspection to the car using our extensive experience with Porsches of all years and models.

Inspection Time

An inspection period can take up to 3 to 5 hours. The comprehensive inspection (both mechanical and body repair inspections) can often reveal those little items that can turn a dream purchase into a nightmare.

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