Mechanical Services

Log Book Servicing


  • Servicing Porsche since 1993 
    We’re industry known leaders in Porsche Service, Sales, Parts and Motorsport.


  • Genuine Parts & Lubricants 
    You can feel confident that we will treat your Porsche with the utmost care, inside and out. Weltmeister uses quality parts, lubricants and fluids. We use genuine Porsche parts and factory recommended lubricants in all of our services, and are able to source any part that your classic should need.


  • New Car Warranty Compliant Servicing 
    When bringing your Porsche to us, you can be rest assured that our services are completely compliant for keeping your warranty in check.


  • Customer Profiling & Satisfaction
    Our main focus is helping our customers enjoy their Porsche ownership. We build a personalised maintenance plan which we tailor to meet your Porsche's needs as well as your financial situation.


We are passionate to provide top-quality maintenance to keep your Porsche running as well as the day it left the factory. Convenience and price are at the forefront of our minds for all of our customers. Twenty-seven years on, we still pride ourselves in being a small business with a big reputation, and an even bigger heart


Our service expertise extends to all models ranging from the first 911, through to current model Boxster, Cayman, Carrera, 911, Cayenne, Macan and Panamera. We offer reasonable rates and factory-trained technicians to ensure we keep you behind the wheel of your chosen passion, your personal Porsche


As every car and every service is different, we take the time to outline each of the areas that may need attention and present you with a recommended solution to work within your budget. Importantly we ensure your car's performance and safety are not compromised in anyway.

Classic Car Servicing


Our most experienced technicians have been working on Porsches for more than 30 years - since the classics were as cutting edge as today’s 991. And through the years they’ve never lost their passion for the cars that ignited their Porsche dream.


Our service team is dedicated to maintaining your classic Porsche in peak condition and ensuring that it’s ready for what ever you have planned for it, whether it’s your daily drive, competition car or concours classic.


Our workshop is fitted with state of the art genuine Porsche diagnostic equipment and tooling to effectively and efficiently work on any Porsche.

Everything from full engine builds to four-wheel alignment is handled in house by our industry-leading workshop team.


We understand that communication is key. Our open and friendly team ensure that we have a clear understanding of your car, its needs and your plans for it. We’ll keep you posted and involved in everything that’s happening along the way.