Porsche Cayman S 987 (2006)
  • Porsche Cayman S 987 (2006)

    Engine: 6 cylinder Petrol Aspirated 3.4L

    Odometer: 136,000 km

    Transmission:  6-speed manual


    A well serviced, manual Cayman S with full history. A Porsche Cayman S provides the perfect opportunity to experience the sheer joy of driving and the specification of this model (manual, 'S') means you have the capacity to enjoy one of the finest gearshifts found in a modern car, teamed with a howling flat six engine located just behind your shoulders. A flat six Porsche engine, paired with a manual gearbox is fast becoming a modern classic - amongst a sea of self shifting cars. The mid mounted engine translates to perfect on road balance and steering feedback that remains a trademark of Porsche. The Cayman has won a plethora of awards and remains a true drivers car for the enthusiast.

    This example, being the desirable 'S' features a larger engine and higher capacity brakes, allowing the owner to extract even more from the sublime chassis. Being a modern Porsche it fulfils daily duties just as well as weekend fun, with superb vision and comfort for both driver and passenger alike - meaning it is just as happy on a work commute as a dedicated driving day.

    The current owner enjoyed the car in the UK prior to moving to Australia and chose to bring his Porsche with him. Priced attractively with great ownership history, a full record of maintenance performed by known Porsche workshops. An opportunity presents for the next buyer to purchase at a very attractive level and experience one of the finer sports cars to every grace the road.