Weltmeister Motorsport


Weltmeister has built a long-standing and enviable reputation in Australian club motorsport.

With extensive experience in all areas of race preparation and track time, Weltmeister Motorsport caters for the ever-increasing number of motorsport enthusiasts looking to enjoy their car to its full potential.

Our current work extends from simply fitting strut tower braces through to installing full roll cages fabricated to suit any desired level of racing.

Weltmeister directors often compete in Porsche Club Victoria and Marque Sports events. This affords them the opportunity to stay in close contact with their clients and to further extend their hands on experience and knowledge. On most occasions the Weltmeister technician that worked on your car during the week is also there to offer you support on the weekend.
Each year one of our own cars is placed in a performance development program to improve our hands on understanding of the potential of the vehicle, and importantly pass this experience on to our Motorsport clients.

There are many different levels of competition, from club sprints in a safe measured-out format, through to highly competitive cup races. Whatever your budget and appetite for adrenaline, we can help you prepare to ensure your vehicle is in winning form.

Weltmeister Motorsport is the next step in enjoying the full potential of your vehicle.

Weltmeister Motorsport

Our passion for prestiege cars is further highlighted through our dedicated involvement with Porsche Club Victoria and other racing groups throughout Australia.

Working alongside eager participants who compete in club events during the year and achieve excellent personal best and club results is as rewarding for us as it is for each motorsport enthusiast.

Safety is always on the high priority list for motorsport. Below is a list of areas that require attention before entering any race series;

  • Racing seats
  • Racing Harnesses
  • Racing fire proof clothing
  • Helmets
  • Roll over protection (Roll cage)
  • Fire extinguishers

At every competition and practice event we strongly recommend that all safety areas be adhered to. We can assist you to ensure you have up-to-date and correctly installed safety equipment.